"Like a sound, that goes around, that perfect sound, It can't be found!"  -Mark DeAngelis: The Song © 1998 

Yes! I indulge myself as I quote myself...! 

I am starting this site to present my songs to the wide... world... webs...I am not going to 

 limit myself to standard "songs" with this porthole into my soul. In my creative life I try to 

take inspiration from sounds all around us. After college I moved to New York City in 1984 

and I was turned on by all the new sounds around me. Subway feedback was one of my favorites! 

The sound of the subway car you were in going slow around a tight curve usually caused this, "feedbackie' 

sound....I delighted in this sound. People yelling and arguing on the streets, another good one. 

Delivery and garbage truck sounds. car horns, and massive groups of people, background noise,

frontground noise...all music to me.


Of  course there will be songs in the standard senses of the term. I feel it is possible to tell giant, epic

stories in a simple song. This really excites me and makes me believe and trust in the craft.